Thursday & Friday, January 2nd & 3rd: Bunna Cafe Pop-up

What: Bunna Cafe pops up with Ethiopian Dinner at The Drink
when: Thursday and Friday, January 2nd and 3rd

time: 6 pm – 10 pm
cost: from $5-$10 a person

Bunna Cafe says:

Over the past two years we have popped up in dozens of places. One of the most beautiful and comfortable of these has always been The Drink. So it seems appropriate that we end our pop-up era at this sailor-themed bar in East Williamsburg.

BUNNA CAFE IS GOING PERMANENT, starting late January. Come see us beforehand and let’s toast to the new year and new opportunities. Betam Konjo baby…

Menu coming soon… we’ll be trying out some new dishes for our permanent menu, dtls to come.

About Bunna Cafe:

Bunna Cafe is a new Ethiopian Vegetarian Restaurant, Coffeehouse, and Music Venue that will be opening in BK later this year. Until then, we are a travelling cafe. We are hosting dinner parties and collaborative headline events around the city — in bars, cafes, rooftops, parking lots, friends’ apartments, beach, etc…?

What do you get from a Bunna event? For one, food — lots of it. Healthy, tasty, gourmet vegan Ethiopian food. And, you get to experience the coffee ceremony, which involves making coffee from raw bean to powerful aromatic brew and every single amazing smell, sight, taste that goes with it. Then we throw in Tej (Ethiopian honey wine), surprisingly good Ethiopian beers, live music, a film or two, flea markets, dj’s, dance parties, etc. etc. etc.

Our aim is to take a beautiful, elegant, and sophisticated Ethiopian tradition of entertainment and create multi-faceted, multi-genre events that creates goodwill and good times in NYC. If you’ve ever wrapped a saucy mix of lentils, peppers and spices around an odd but comforting fluffy sour flatbread and stuffed it in your salivating pie hole, then you know what we’re talking about. If not, it’s time to carpe diem, my friend.

See you soon. We are ready.

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