The New York Post: “5 green cocktails in honor of St. Patrick’s Day”

Partying on St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t have to mean swilling astringent Irish whiskey or cheaply dyed suds. Instead, use the holiday as an excuse to explore some unusual green concoctions: Think herbaceous gin and cucumber or tequila with celery juice. These five emerald cocktails created by some of the city’s best bartenders are boozy gems well worth raising a glass to. Sláinte!

The Close Haul

This festive punch is a perfect beverage to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a crowd; the Drink serves it both by the glass and by the bowl for groups to share. The bar’s Frank Cisneros says that Damrak gin has pleasantly sweet notes of honeysuckle that go well with chamomile and cucumber, while Meyer lemon bitters make the whole drink “pop.”

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