Sunday, June 24th: Hot Club of Bushwick play gypsy jazz

What: Hot Club of Bushwick play gypsy jazz

When: Sunday, June 24th

Time: 6 pm – 8 pm

Cost: Free

Join us for a lazy Sunday afternoon/evening of gypsy jazz and mystery.

Nika: What’s the band like?
Pete: Gypsy jazz
Nika: How many people are playing?
Pete: I don’t know. It’s a collective?
Nika: What kinds of instruments do they play?
Pete: I don’t know. It varies. Weird ones?

We don’t know what exactly this means, but we’re excited!
We hope to make this a regular weekend thing, so please come show your support.

UPDATE: Matt of Hot Club of Bushwick tells us there will be 2 guitars and 1 upright bass. Even more excited!

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