All food is made in house or locally sourced


Flank Steak Jerky    $8
peppered, spicy & smoky.

Salmon Jerky    $10
citrus, honey, ginger, black pepper

House Pickles    $5
Ask your bartender for the day’s selection.

Sardine Plate  $7
Spanish sardines, sea salt, lemon, crostini

Pickled Eggs 2 for $3

Cape Cod Potato Chips  $2

White Bean Spread     $7
Served with crostini & pickle. (vegan)

Aged Cheddar Curds $5 (Maplebrook Farm, VT)
Cow. tangy, grassy, and squeaky

Cheese for Two $9

Choice of one of two soft cheeses, served with crostini & house-made apple mustard

  • Weybridge (Scholten Family Farm/Jasper Hill, VT) Raw cow. Bloomy rind, mushroom-y, toasty
  • Bijou (Vermont Creamery, VT) Bright & citrusy with a briny finish